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we'llWe'd like to talk about doing a show for you.

Please call 727 712 0740 or email to discuss.

Tony will sing your favorite ballads, blues, jazz and Rock ‘N’ Roll, after a little discussion of what your audience is likely to want.

There's still time to plan that Holiday Season party with Tony, and his team, if you

Mancini Family Background

Tony’s grandfather, Antonio, came from Abruzzo, Italy, about the same time as his famous cousin Henry Mancini's dad, Quinto. They both landed in Cleveland, where cousin Henry (then Enrico) was born. Henry's wing of the Mancinis moved to western Pennsylvania, with a lot of steelworkers. Tony's family stayed in Cleveland and built homes.
Around Tampa Bay, Tony’s been onstage in Bright House Senior Talent Shows, and as a guest vocalist (plus a bit of comedy) in a Regency Oaks Talent Show. He also was a frequent soloist at the New York, New York! nightclub’s long running Monday night show.

Many other residential communities and restaurant patrons around Tampa Bay have enjoyed his performances. We'll bet your friends will, too.

Reach out to Tony by
emailing or by calling his family’s agency, The FitzSimons Company, at 727 712 0740.
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